Monday, November 21, 2016

Wedding shopping in Mumbai

Last evening I dropped my friends Nita Patel and her Mom, at the Chatrapati Shivaji Airport. I had picked them up from the airport last Sunday and after an 8 day whirl-wind shopping spree, I dropped them back.

Where should a bride shop for sarees, chanya cholis, shoes, bangles, purses, bindis, who makes the best blouzes, where are the designers located, where do I exchange currency, who will print my wedding cards in 3 days?

I help bride-to-be with all this, when you arrive in Mumbai, there'll be someone waiting to pick you up, appointments made with designers, printers, tailors, take your time, trying out all the outfits, shortlist them, then make a second round picking them up, then matching bangles and jewelry, stuff for pooja, tailoring blouzes for sarees, all within a span of a week.

Call me, gimme an idea of your budget and I'll draw-up a list of shops/designers who will cater to your needs, plan a route, arrange  travel, make appointments so you have exclusive time trying out the clothes.

Contact Bharat Mirchandani or +919820047990